1.1 is the new 1.0.1

Over the past month I have been working towards 1.0.1 being a primarily maintenance build, meaning mostly fixes and very minor improvements.

As always, I got carried away and have added a number of significant improvements to the Contacts integration and Extensions. Over the past few days, it dawned on me that this isn’t a maintenance release after all.

I have decided that I will be calling the next release Version 1.1 and I have brought forward a few little extra bits (relating to global hotkeys) into this release which will take a few days longer to complete. Some things which were previously earmarked as 1.1 have now been bumped to 1.2 as I want to bring you updates as soon as I can.

Originally, I wanted 1.0.1 into dev testing by today, but in light of this new awesomeness, 1.1 will be in dev testing around Thursday… stay tuned :)


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